Just 2.0 Recertified

Next Phase Studios has renewed its certification with the Just 2.0 label. The label is administered by the International Living Futures Institute and serves as a “nutrition label” for firms that want to track their social justice commitment and provide policy transparency. We are happy to announce that we have seen improvements in our Just 2.0 indicators since last certification. While the indicators are not a perfect measurement of how equitable a firm is, particularly with small offices such as ours, it provides a helpful framework for us to think about our processes and policies. We have been able to implement multiple rounds of office-wide feedback over the years and involve our team in the certification process. Even though the Just 2.0 certification renews every 2 years, we continue to iterate on improvements we can make as a sustainable and equitable practice independent of the framework.

Our firm along with Humanscale, CambridgeSeven, Linnean Solutions, The Green Engineers, and Auburndale Builders sponsored the annual Built Environment Plus Just Celebration on March 7th. Firms around New England joined together to share their best practices, ask questions, and celebrate the progress that has been made in pursuing socially just company policies and processes. We also shared advice and our certification experience on the Built Environment Plus platform. To see our thoughts along with comments from other companies, see Built Environment Plus’s blog post: https://builtenvironmentplus.org/expanding-the-toolkit-for-justice/.

Groundbreaking has begun at Canton Valley Housing Development

We have officially broken ground at the Fitchburg Housing Authority Canton Valley apartments! This Comprehensive Sustainability Initiative (CSI) project for 48-unit 1950s housing complex includes all components to be energy efficient with low emissions and upgrades to accessibility. This project is one of the most significant projects undertaken by the Fitchburg Housing Authority in almost 40 years.

The Sentinel and Enterprise Newspaper featured the groundbreaking in an article which can be found here for more information.

Demolition at New Forest Hills Residence

We have begun demolition on a gut renovation project next door to our previously completed triple-decker (3-family) project on Forest Hills Street. The home is an early 1900s Victorian 3-family building that has undergone some additions and alterations. In our renovation, we are reframing the interior while saving the original pocket doors, reframing the rear porches, and finishing the basement and attic. Kitchens and baths are designed with all modern fixtures and appliances. We are also removing the asphalt siding shakes to install wood shingles that would reflect the building’s original Victorian style.

Village Court

This is a fascinating retrofit of an innovative elderly housing project from the “Solar Seventies” in Mattapoisett, MA. Solar gain is being managed and envelop upgrades performed while preserving the intent and informal meeting and “front yards” provided by the internal 2-story gallery. While some aspects of the passive storage have been long abandoned, the […]

Just Label 2.0 Certified

We are officially certified with the new Just Label 2.0! For those unfamiliar, the Living Future Institute has created a transparent platform for organizations to disclose their operations for the benefit of social justice. This is in addition to their many environmental impact assessment certifications.

Haverhill HS - Front

Haverhill High School Gym

Demolition of the gymnasium roof at Haverhill High School has officially begun! The project is part of MSBA’s Accelerated Repair Program. Our scope includes a replacement of the original 1960’s barrel-vaulted gymnasium roof. In this project, new insulation under a new membrane roof will be installed to bring the building to meet energy Stretch Code […]

Boston Building Resources

The project was to completely re-organize and upgrade the Warehouse and Retail sales area of the Building Materials Re-use Center. The project included a complete new high-performance envelope recladding the engineered building. Then conversion to high performance electric Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) for space conditioning and DHW. The installation of a solar array on […]

Native Land Conservancy

A new center that provides space for offices, community meetings, classroom, and family spaces for the Native Land Conservancy.
[ILFI Living Building Challenge-Zero Energy]

Nawn Factory Wellness Center

A new wellness center with a range of potential design and developmental services needed for The Wellness Collaborative, Inc.

Brookside Office & Research Building

An existing historic industrial building with significant rehab and rebranding for office and research spaces.

Worcester Housing Authority
Scattered Sites

A Capitol project bringing a range of modernizations to a “Scattered Site” family development in Worcester, MA.

Tantasqua Regional Junior High School

As of 2020, this window and door replacement project has been completed. [MSBA Accelerated Repair Program]

Fitchburg Housing Authority
Canton Valley Housing Development

Working with the Fitchburg Housing Authority, we are providing full architectural and engineering services for a comprehensive building envelopes upgrade and lighting upgrades.

Map Academy (Resnik Road) Phase II

Additional phase in a renovation of education facility that is designed for students who often lose their way in traditional high school.

JUST Label

Our firm is pleased to receive the JUST label for being a socially and equitable firm.

Map Academy (Resnik Road)

A renovation of education facility that is designed for students who often lose their way in traditional high school.

Bigelow Street Residence

This was a renovation/addition project to an existing Craftsmen Style wood frame, 2-Family home.

New Parkway Little League Concession and Clubhouse

We are beginning schematic design on brand-new concession stand and clubhouse for West Roxbury’s beloved Parkway Little League.

Elm Street Residence

Classic Victorian house located in Brookline will undergo renovation to accommodate an additional unit with bathroom in the basement.

Blue Incubator [Blue Institute]

The Blue Incubator offers established companies and start-ups ocean access for testing in a blue economy ecosystem.

Pine Barrens Wilderness Center

The Pine Barrens Wilderness Center [PBWC] project is the renovation and repurposing of an existing camp into a new ecological center. Applying for Living Community Challenge.

Map Academy Charter School

A renovation of education facility that is designed for students who often lose their way in traditional high school. Net Zero energy standards for the new charter high school building.

Chelsea Union Housing Authority

We are working with the Chelsea Housing Authority in providing comprehensive Modernization of the Union Park elderly development with (7) buildings and a community building.

Gloucester Housing Authority

A complete modernization of the 100-unit mid-rise elderly development in Gloucester, MA.

North Plymouth Academic Campus [NPAC]

New construction and master planning for Marine Science College. Applying for LEED Platinum and Living Community Challenge certification for site planning / community.

Lee Street Residences

New construction of a contemporary, low energy, 2-Unit structure replacing a dilapidated Carriage House next to an existing single-family Victorian home. They will require extensive zoning variance process.