Housing, Residential

67 Forest Hills Street Residence

Jamaica Plain, MA

Project Type

Private Housing


6,000 sf.



A new construction project of a classic triple decker (3-Family) on an infill site. Planned and designed for long-term owner needing to move to a fully accessible living situation incorporating universal design throughout the property. The project included a high-performance envelope (over-cladding, additional insulation). The new 3 units have no fossil fuel connection to the street with no onsite carbon emissions. The units have high performance electric systems combined with an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) for efficient supply of fresh conditioned air with ASHP (Air Source Heat Pumps) providing space conditioning and domestic hot water. All LED lighting and efficient appliance finish up the low impact systems. After exploring a more modern aesthetic approach, it was decided to “go classic” and honor the heritage of street full of existing “Triples”. The site plan adapts to retain the ancient trees on the site, while installing recharge and complete systems to infiltrate all roof and site water on site.