North Point Parcel N

Boston, MA

Project Type

Flexible Offices/Laboratory

The design brief calls for a flexible office and laboratory building, a building which should be suitable not only for one tenant but also function in the case of multiple tenants. At first glance, this may appear to be solely an organizational task, but the architectural challenges for such a task are indeed much more demanding.

On the premise that today, the appearance, the individual character of a firm is of great importance, contributing to the corporate image it is often surprising that with many development projects, these companies do not have the possibility to express their individuality to the outside world. Instead they disappear behind generic facades in anonymous buildings, companies that compete with each other, often providing the same services as their neighbors or offering similar products. An individual location could certainly help to sharpen their image.

Given the fact that the client undertakes the effort of such a competition, we believe it appropriate to create a unique building that responds to the diverse requirements of its future tenants and allows them the opportunity to present themselves in a befitting manner.