City Bike Rack

New York, NY

Project Type

Bicycle Rack

Immediate Identity
The Cable is the element that gives the Rack its character and definition. The Cable is a known element, connected to the everyday act of securing bikes. The Cable Rack can be seen as is a grand cable lock clicked into its Anchor on the street, rather than ‘stiff’ street furniture found in other rack designs.

Robust Tenderness
The Cable Rack can be seen as a flexible cable sculpture that eases slightly when a bike is attached – it is rigid enough to hold and secure a bicycle. Through its tenderness, the Cable Rack invites contact with the bike while remaining tough.

Simple Loop
The basic shape of the ‘Loop Series’ is a loop derived from the inherent characteristics of a cable lock. The ‘I Love NY’ motif of the ‘Heart Series’ adds a curl to the basic model which makes it more spatial and slightly bigger.

Location and Adaptability
A family of forms is included in the design in order to provide adaptability. The varying of appearance along with grouping configurations makes it possible to create a unique identification for a venue like Broadway or the Bronx Zoo.

Produced in series, the low-maintenance and durable Cable Racks may outperform the typical steel-tube racks in cost and ‘cradle to cradle’ life cycle terms. Two simple components, Cable and Anchor, can be efficiently manufactured.